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Everyone Deserves a Healthy Relationship | Teen DV Month 2017

Everyone Deserves a Healthy Relationship | Teen DV Month 2017

#IT3W Starts This Week – Feb. 1 – Feb. 3

It’s time to talk – about dating abuse and relationships. Tell us your tips and tricks for bridging the gap between adults and young people.  Don’t forget to share your conversations, thoughts, and experiences with us using #IT3W and #teenDVmonth.

It’s Time To Talk Week

Next up – Feb. 6 – Feb. 10 – #ChalkForLove 

Raising awareness doesn’t always have to be so serious! February 6 – 10 is Chalk About Love week. Still struggling to pick a question that can stir creative and artistic chalking? Check out the resource guide for ideas.

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Policy and Action Alerts

Break the Cycle will be more actively engaging in policy actions with the arrival of our new Director of Public Policy and Legal Services, Marta Beresin.  If you are interested in hearing more about Break the Cycle positions on upcoming legislation please email Break the Cycle to be added to the Policy and Action Alerts group.


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