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Law Enforcement





  • MCASA partners with the Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Centers and agencies, as well as military to provide in-service training opportunities to law enforcement investigators/officers statewide in order to expand or enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities on a broad variety of practices and procedures used in addressing sexual assault cases.
  • MCASA provides a 32 hour, 5 modules training to enhance law enforcement efforts to respond to victims and investigate violence against women crimes.




  • FIRST MODULE: Medical Forensic Aspects of Sexual Assault (4 hours); and The Intersection of Technology and Sexual Violence (3 hours).
  • SECOND MODULE:  The History of Rape/Paraphilias (2 hours); Psychological Effects of Sexual Assault (2 hours); and Crisis Intervention in Sexual Assault (2 hours).
  • THIRD MODULE: Anatomy/Physiology and Human Sexual Response (2 hours);    The Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Collection (2 hours); and Interviewing and Documentation (2 hours).
  • FOURTH MODULE:  Bite marks/Strangulation (2 hours); Forensic Photography (2 hours); and Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (2 hours).
  • FIFTH MODULE: Special Populations in Sexual Assault (2 hours); Examination of the Pediatric Patient (2 hours); and Evidence Collection on Children (2 hours).

Trainings can also be developed or tailored specifically for any law enforcement or military group upon request. To inquire about law enforcement trainings or for more information contact Shalotta Sharp, Special Projects Coordinator at