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Create A SART




  • MSCASA provides Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) training to campuses and community agencies and/or organizations that are interested in creating or strengthening a coordinated response and/or referral for victims of sexual violence.



  • SART team members typically include the SANE, police or sheriff, detective, prosecutor, rape crisis center advocate or counselor, and emergency department medical personnel.
  • The makeup of the SART team will vary from area to area, depending upon the community needs and resources.
  • The SART team may also include an expanded range of professionals who work with specific victims populations: a school counselor, a battered women’s advocate, a counselor who works with prostitutes, and any combination of representatives of programs in the community who are concerned about the problem of sexual assault.



Training is available from MSCASA to begin a SART in your area! SART Trainings addresses, but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Assessment of current services and response procedures
  • How to bridge gaps between campuses and community victim service providers
  • SART coordination of members, roles, and communication
  • Development of vision and mission statements
  • Development of goals, objectives, and action plan.
  • Creating protocol that lays out the roles and responsibilities of team members

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