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CDC Releases Dating Matters®: Interactive Guide on Informing Policy

The CDC recently released Dating Matters®: Interactive Guide on Informing Policy, the newest addition to CDC’s Dating Matters toolkit. This toolkit will help you learn how to evaluate the impact of teen dating violence (TDV) policies and how to use findings to inform and strengthen your community’s public health strategies.

Improving Teen Health Through Policy

Preventing TDV and promoting healthy relationships require applying the best-available data in policy development, implementation, and evaluation. This interactive guide will help you and your community:

  • Understand policy as a strategy for preventing TDV
  • Know what to keep in mind when informing policy
  • Access worksheets, tools, and resources to drive evaluation, partnerships, and policy

Dating Matters: Understanding TDV Prevention

Dating Matters: Strategies to Promote Healthy Teen Relationships is CDC’s comprehensive prevention model to prevent teen dating violence before it starts. Strategies include youth and parent education and skill development programs, educator training, youth-focused communication campaign, policy strategy with evaluation, indicator guidance for how to measure TDV in your community, and a capacity and planning tool. The doctor advised me this infertility treatment. I have bought Clomid (Clomiphene) at and started to accept.

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