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Sexual Assault FAQ

Do women file false reports of rape?

The rate of false reports of rape is 2% to 3%, no different than that of other crimes. (Writing and Reading About Rape: A Primer. 1993. Lynn Hecht Schafram. St. John’’s Law Review, Vol. 66, 4, p.p. 979-1045).

I have heard about “date rape drugs.” What are they?

The drugs you are referring to are Rohypnol (also known as “roche” or “roofies”) and GHB (gamma hydroxbutyrate). There are many others, but these are the most common. Rohypnol is a strong sleeping pill and GHB is often available in clear liquid form. Both drugs are not sold legally in this country. These drugs can be placed in a drink without the drinker’’s knowledge and can make you unable to consent or resist. If you believe that you have been drugged, contact a local rape crisis program or the police so you so you can be tested for the presence of these drugs. It is important to get a urine test as soon as possible because the drugs cannot be detected after a certain period of time. However, alcohol is the most common Date Rape drug.

Will most people “be over” the rape in a few months?

The time it takes to heal from a sexual assault varies from person to person. Many times after an assault, the survivor may block painful feelings and memories associated with the rape. If the survivor feels judged or is made to feel at fault for the rape, this may also complicate the healing process. It is important that the survivor find supportive people to help with the process.

Is it a good idea to report to the police?

A person’s decision to report or not to report to the police is a personal one. You have the right to report to the police if you are a victim of a crime. You should decide what feels best for you. If you have any questions, consult a local rape crisis or crime victims program.

Can prostitutes be raped?

Anyone can be raped. Prostitutes have a right to say no to unwanted sexual activity. Vulnerable members of society are often victims of sexual assault.

Are children and teenagers also victims of sexual assault?

Teens 16 to 19 were three and one-half times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted Rape or Sexual Assault.  In addition, one in two rape victims is under age 18; one in six is under 12. (U.S Department of Justice)

Can men be raped?

Men and boys can be victims of sexual assault. There were approximately 20,000 reported sexual assaults of males ages 12 and over in the United States in 1991. (Bureau of Justice, 1992).