Break the Silence.
Stop Sexual Violence.

Event: Summer 40-Hour Adolescent / Adult SANE Course


The Adult SANE course is a 40-hourse course on a standard model of care for sexual assault victims. Experienced Registered Nurses who complete the course are able to perform the nursing / forensic episode of care for the sexual assault victim in the Emergency Department and other areas of the Medical Agency. Nurses are also prepared to work towards competency to take the Certification Exam offered through the International Association of Forensic Nurses.

This extensive course is the educational didactic component that prepares the Registered Nurse to provide care to patients that are sexually assault. MSCASA does not charge tuition for the course, but the nurses can purchase EU’s (40 Contact Hours) for $50.00. MSCASA will gladly attempt to assist an RN with resources to attend this course.

The upcoming training will be held at Memorial Hospital (Education Wing), Gulfport, MS on August 23-27, 2021.