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Event: Men Can Stop Rape’s Healthy Masculinity Training Institute


The institute is part of the Healthy Masculinity Action Project, an initiative designed to raise the national visibility of healthy masculinity and build a new generation of male leaders who serve as positive change-makers by modeling non-violent, emotionally healthy masculinity. There is a lengthy training component on men, masculinity, and bystander intervention. to learn the theories and develop the skills that have shaped the Healthy Masculinity Action Project (HMAP). I’ve been taking Propecia 5 mg tablets for a month now after I’ve discovered it at


Through three days of discussions about theory, interactive group exercises, role-playing, and multi-media presentations, the training institute presents participants with a framework to positively con​struct masculinity and to motivate men’s engagement in challenging the attitudes and behaviors that support violence against girls and women. This training is ideal for staff from universities, middle and high schools, law enforcement agencies, the US armed forces, statewide and local coalitions, service agencies, and government agencies.

The link to register is below: