MSCASA - Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Youth Public Awareness Campaign

Respect: Your Key To The Future

A curriculum developed in conjunction with the Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence targeting fifth and sixth grade students.

Respect is designed to teach children about respect for themselves and others, personal rights and responsibilities, anger management and violence prevention, sexual harassment, and community building.

RESPECT: Your Key to the Future
Overview of the Program

The Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence (MCADV) and the Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA) have focused their Public Awareness Campaign efforts for the six (6) years on developing a violence prevention program for youths.  The pilot groups are Mississippi students in the 5th and 6th grades, and the goal is to heighten students’ awareness of violence.  We believe this can be accomplished from a positive standpoint by emphasizing individual rights and responsibilities and the roles those play in the prevention of violence.

With that goal in mind, the objectives are that, upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Define self-esteem
  2. Identify personal rights
  3. Define sexual harassment and identify responses to harassing behavior
  4. Recognize appropriate ways to deal with anger
  5. Identify methods to prevent violence
  6. Identify available resources for help

The committee has developed an age-appropriate, pro-active curriculum and selected six pilot sites across the state in which to implement them.  The school districts chosen to be pilot sites are: Grenada, Jackson, Biloxi, Oxford, Greenville, and Hattiesburg/Laurel.

The programs will be presented in six sessions, with each session designed to last fifty to fifty-five minutes.  The lessons will be presented in the following order:

The entire program is comprised of class discussions, brainstorming sessions, activities, handouts and checklists designed to encourage the participation of each student.  There are also some ideas for additional activities and resources for the classroom teacher. 

The curriculum has been designed to be conducive for scheduling purposes.  It will be the responsibility of the trainer and the school district to decide on the best schedule for the needs of each particular school.  Some sites may choose to implement one lesson per week for six consecutive weeks.  Other sites may choose to implement the lessons for six days in a row, or any other schedule that meets the needs of the pilot site and the trainer.  The goal is to implement the entire program, or all six lessons, before the end of the current academic semester.

An evaluation instrument has been developed to measure the effectiveness of the program.  A pre-test will be administered during the first lesson to gauge students’ awareness of the subject areas before the programs, and a post-test will be administered during the last lesson.  Results will be analyzed, and the Public Awareness Campaign committee will evaluate how to best implement or enhance the program for future presentations in a wider range of schools in the state.

MCADV and MCASA are excited about this important endeavor.  We thank you for your interest and willingness to participate in this project.

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