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As a volunteer with MCASA, you decide how involved you want to be. Maybe you only have a couple of hours a month, or perhaps you're looking for a couple of hours a week.  Either way, there’s something for you with MCASA.  The tasks accomplished by our volunteers range from helping around the office to creating entire programs.  We can also provide documentation of your volunteer time for credit with your school or other organization. Here are some of the ways you can help:

Administrative Support – Help out around the MCASA office by preparing mailings, stocking and maintaining the resource library, or responding to information requests from coalition members.

Communications – Write copy or do lay-out for the MCASA quarterly newsletter and other publications, create and maintain the MCASA web site, produce video and audio public service announcements or write press releases and guest editorials.

Training – Attend speaking engagements where you’ll talk with other young men and women about safeguarding themselves against sexual assault and how to build healthy relationships, or organize rallies designed to make people aware of the prevalence of sexual assault and its costs to people and society.

Direct Services – Train with local rape crisis centers to be a victim advocate or organize support groups on campus and in communities that are designed to help survivors heal.

And anything else you can think of that will help to break the silence about sexual violence!


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