MSCASA - Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Myths and Facts

Please take this quiz to see how well you understand rape and sexual assualt.  You need to answer all questions to the best of your ability, and then click on the "Submit" button..  The correct answers will be displayed when you have completed the quiz.

*A woman who is raped while she is drunk is somewhat responsible.
*Most women wouldn't admit it, but they find being forced into sex a turn-on.
*If a woman is willing to make out with a guy, then she should not be upset if he goes a little further and forces sex.
*If a victim does not fight her attacker, she deserves to be raped.
*Most women who say they have been raped are lying.
*Nobody intends to force sex, but sometimes they get carried away.
*Most people are raped by strangers.
*If someone told me they were raped, I would not believe them.
*Jealousy is part of a healthy relationship.
*Violence in dating relationships is a criminal offense.
*Rape is only a woman's issue.
*Sex workers can't be raped.
*Men can be victims of rape.
*The best way to deal with sexual assault is to ignore it.
*Immediately after a rape, a victim is usually hysterical.

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